Evangelism/Social Ministry


Initiates activities that involve communicating and interpreting the Gospel to others beyond the congregation including both (1) spreading the word and actively reaching out to prospective members, and (2) developing a program of ongoing participation in various community service activities and projects in the name of the congregation.

Congregational Care Ministry


Fosters and promotes an atmosphere of community and caring support among members of the congregation, giving special attention to fellowship, the needs of the elderly and home bound, the sick and bereaved, and to such other special needs that may arise from time to time.

Christian Education Ministry


Responsible for ensuring that appropriate educational activities/programs of the congregation are properly staffed and that related materials are made available as needed, that devotional and other printed materials are distributed to members of the congregation and that other educational related activities are addressed as needed.

Property Ministry

This committee is responsible for the care and maintenance of the congregation’s real property and improvements, taking care to see that they are kept in good order and repair.

Finance and Stewardship Ministry


This committee oversees the financial affairs of the congregation including the promotion of responsible stewardship of members’ resources with the goal of proportionate giving by the congregation to the wider church. It is responsible for the preparation of the annual budget and monitoring progress toward meeting the same, and, subject to approval of the council, to be responsible for the congregation’s investment portfolio.

Worship and Music Ministry


Attends to all matters related to the conduct of worship in accordance with the Lutheran tradition including, but not limited to, ensuring that worship and music related materials and procedures for regular and special services are in place and properly performed in consultation with the pastor and the organist, and under the general oversight of the council.